How to properly use Clash Royale Spells

How to properly use Clash Royale Spells

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– First is the card. are possibly the most commonly used card in the entire game. And it has the right to be as it can counter many big threats and provide you with a great profit. Not only that, the thing I like the most about the card is its very large radius, no other damage-inflicting card has a bigger radius than the card. This gives you opportunity to gain more value out of the card. Because after all, the objective of a battle is to get as much value as you can by using the least needed . For example, the card can one-shot a , which will give you a 2 profit. But, a smart player would look to gain even greater value. What a smart player will do is, instead of quickly killing the with , he’ll be patient, because he already knows that he can take out the at any time. So he’ll do is wait and see if his opponent is going to deploy another card. And chances are, he will. So if he also deploys his Spear , then you can use the to take out the Minion and Spear at the same time and instead gain a whopping 4 in profit. Now say your opponent instead sends in his with the , then you’re still going to win big against this combo. How? Well all you have to do is use the to kill the and weaken the at the same time. With the gone, your Arena Tower can now focus on targeting the . The is pretty slow, so your Arena Tower will be able to single-handedly take out the weakened without taking much damage. This way, you’re going to obtain an insane 6 lead while only taking a few HP of damage onto your Arena Tower. This is how you win. Other threats the card can quickly counter for easy profit are the and the .

– Just like the card, the card is another high value spell card. However, I always see people using this card the wrong way. The best use of the is as a defense. Instead of just dropping it onto an Arena Tower just to weaken that tower a little, you should instead be focusing on obtaining profit from it. For example, if someone sends in , then you can drop the onto all those and weaken them to the point where your can just 1 shot them and you gain a 1 profit. But like the example I used before with the card, a smart player won’t just quickly a group of . He’s going to instead look to obtain even more value. He’s going to wait for his opponent to send in a support troop behind the , because that’s what most people do. So if his opponent sends in Archers behind the , then now he can kill both the Archers and at the same time and obtain a 4 profit. This is how you win games. Now one important thing to note is that if the level of your is greater than a or , then it will one-shot them. But if the ’s or ’s level is the same or higher than the , then they won’t die from the . This is important because it’s not always a good idea to a if you can’t kill him in one shot. Instead, it’s better to him with another troop to obtain more value. I also see a lot of people using onto and at the same time also on a or . While that is a decent value move, it’s not a great move because the or is still alive, so all your opponent has to do is just place a tanky troop ahead of them and he’ll quickly have the advantage because you’re going to have a hard time finishing off the weakened or .

– The Spell card is one of my favorite because of just how powerful it is and can completely destroy some of the most annoying decks to play against, such as those spawner decks, the Hut Spammers, and the turtle decks that basically combine their or with a bunch of defenses. The Spell can quickly destroy all of them together. It’s just surprising to me why very few people use this card. The Spell can target up to 3 enemy troops or buildings with the highest HP. So to effectively use this card to obtain value, your goal should be to use it on 3 things with high HP at once. For example, if your opponent places an Xbow with an and a , then simply using the Spell can severely weaken or kill all threats at once. That will basically grant you an insane 10 profit and that can easily mean that you won the battle if you use that 10 properly. Another example is using it on a along with a and a , then that can also quickly grant you a 9 in profit. The Spell costs 6 , but it’s just so easy to obtain value with it when you use it properly to kill multiple threats at once.

– The card is similar to the Spell as both cost 6 to use, but the card does significantly greater damage. But the main difference is that the has a much smaller radius, only 2 tile radius compared to the ’s 3.5 tile. The is definitely one of the most skill-based in the game because of this. You need to master ways in which you can utilize it by timing the deployment and speed of certain troops, have them clumped up, and at the same time blast them with a . The is also the best counter to decks that use defenses to shield the .

– Many people believe that the Spell is underrated, but in my opinion, the Spell just isn’t as good as it should be. It’s a card that Supercell really needs to buff. I think raising the cost of the card to 4 instead of 3 and increasing the movement of troops and attack speed by 40% instead will make this card a much more appealing card to play with. Only a 35% boost really isn’t much at the cost of 3 and you need to take into account that the Spell is utterly useless for defense. Unlike other spell such as the Spell that can be used for both offense and defense, you can’t use the Spell for defense. So basically it’s a defensive liability, it’s not that good, and it takes up one of your precious card slots. Keep in mind that you can only carry 8 slots. Still I might be critical about this card, but after a lot of test with is, I just found to be useless when the Spell is just so much better. However, the Spell is still a decent card for aggressively heavy offense high risk high reward decks. For example, using the Spell with a Pekka combined with a bunch of splash attackers is a pretty good idea because of how slow the Pekka is, and how easily he can be distracted. Another great idea is to use a deck with the and load up on , gain a big lead, and then finish off your opponent with a powerful combination of high troops with a spell.

– The Spell is one of the scariest spell to deal with. What I like the most about the Spell is that you can use it on both offense and defense. It also a very skill-based card, because you need to able to properly time and place the spell. Your goal is to as many troops or buildings as you can with the 3 tile radius of the Spell. If you can a bunch of troops coming onto your side of the field and use a cheap 2 card such as the , then you quickly kill all the big threats. For example, if your opponent sends in a and together, all you have to do is properly place the Spell, freezing both of them together and place your to kill them while your Arena Tower also helps on defense. This can easily get you a 3 profit. Or you can use it on offense by sending in your and using the Spell to the enemy attacking troops and Arena Tower at the same time, allowing your to do a massive amount of damage while your opponent just watches. The best way to avoid is but spreading out your troops when you deploy them. Don’t deploy next to your Arena Tower because you’re just allowing your opponent just both your Tower and troops together. And always, and I mean always, try to avoid clumping all your troops together because this not only makes it easy to , but also makes it easy to all your troops together. So yea, clumping is always a bad idea.

Zap – Zap used to be a pretty useless card since were just overall much better. But now with a 1 second stun effect to paralyze your opponent’s troops, it makes the Zap Spell a more enticing option for many decks. The best use of the Zap Spell in my opinion, is to kill those and , but also deal surrounding damage to other troops and also stun them. This is the best way to get value out of this card. It may even be a very good idea to use the Zap Spell instead of if you’re using the or because that 1 second stun can allow your or to get an extra shot at the tower.

– The card is a very fun card to play with, but for competitive play, I’m not a big fan of it because it really hurts you on defense and it doesn’t really help you much on offense either. Sure you’re getting a small boost to the level of your previously used card, but you’re paying 1 more . I’ve been playing with the card for a very long time, as it was my first epic card that I was able to level up to level 3. But I really never had much success with it, because playing 2 of the same at once really isn’t that good. For example, say you dropped a , and then you used the card and created another , that cost you 11 to do, but your opponent simply counters both your Princes with , quickly putting you on a 5 deficit. Not only that, you guys have to remember, that card slots are important. So when you have the card in your hand, it’s like you only 3 options instead of 4 because the is simply a card you already have in your hand but with 1 greater cost. So yea, fun card, but not a very good card for competitive play.

– The Spell is one of the deadliest spells in the game. It can shut down those hut spammer decks and decks with lots of low HP . I also often see this card being misused, as many times it’s better to use this card on your side of the field, and not your opponent’s. Why? Because of your Arena Tower on defense. By slowing down troops on your side, and also killing them, you can win big tradeoffs and attack your opponent back hard on offense. The card is definitely one of the at the top of my best list.

Some special tips for using Clash Royale Spells

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  • Level 10 Zap can 1 shot level 1 Lava Pups, level 11 Zap = level 2 Lava Pups and so on.
  • Level 12 Zap can 1 shot level 1 ; Level 13 Zap can 1 shot level 2 .
  • Same level Zap always one shot   (including ones from ).
  • Zap 2 levels higher than always can 1 shot them. For example, level 9 Zap always can 1 shot level 7 .
  • 1 shot of the same level. ( is Rare and are Common).
  • Max level can 1 shot level 1 and 2 .
  • can always 1 shot lower level and .
  • 5 levels higher than can 1 shot her. For example, level 7 Vs. level 2 .
  • Level 7 can 1 shot level 1 , level 8 can 1 shot level 2 and so on.
  • 1 level higher than Archers can easily 1 shot them.
  • 7 levels higher than can always take her out.