How to counter Royal Giant

How to counter Royal Giant

Guides By Clash Royal 2016-05-10 13:31:10

  • Using Mini P.E.K.K.A: Play it 1 vs. 1 and your mini P.E.K.K.A can take down the very quickly and could deal some damage to the opponent’s Tower.
  • Using : Do this reactively, once the has crosses the river, place it down 2 tiles from your King’s Tower, right when he is about to hit  your Arena Tower so that it can hit the . Whether you combine it with Tower or not, that is always a positive trade.
  • Using : Place 3 tiles from the river and 1 tile from your Arena Tower as well as combine it with your small troops to take out quickly.
    Note: Don’t place your 4 tiles from the river because it just won’t be triggered!
  • Using Zap: Zap is definitely one of the most useful in game. If you miss your timing, once the locks on your Arena Tower, place a building down and Zap it, it will target your building right after that.
  • Using swarms: If you swarm with , , , ,… you will burst him down. Just be careful of !
  • Well placed : Your can tank a few hits from , you can also use some small troops to finish this faster but that is a good trade and you can use those for the counter push right after that.
  • Using : Your can kill the quickly without taking a single damage. Yes, the can hit your Tower few times but that’s Okay since it is pretty hard to completely protect your comprehensively. You can launch a counter push right after that using the pushing troop trick.
  • + Zap would be a great to counter alone as most players don’t want to Zap/ 3 . You will take some damage for sure but it’s a good trade!
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In addition, 3 Musketeers + is a pretty popular combo nowadays. The best way to deal with it is to use . Otherwise, / + would work very well!

is not that OP truly. It is just because we didn’t face him enough before!