How to use the Balloon – The Basic Guide

How to use the Balloon – The Basic Guide

Guides By Clash Royal 2017-01-17 21:33:06


  • The is unlocked from Arena 2.
  • is a powerful card which target buildings only. can deal a lot of damage with its bomb, also, when destroyed, it will release a large bomb from the underneath and deal massive splash damage to everything nearby.
Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Target Cost Count Rarity Type
3 sec Medium 1 sec Melee Buildings 5 x1 Epic Troop


Level Hitpoints Damage per Hit Damage per second Death Damage
1 1,050 600 200 205
2 1,155 660 220 225
3 1,270 726 242 248
4 1,396 798 266 272
5 1,533 876 292 299
6 1,680 960 320 328
7 1,848 1,056 352 360
8 2,026 1,158 386 395


The reason it is now overpowered is because now it is a lot harder to counter. If you play on it incorrectly, it now actually generates positive trade for the opponent, because it will deal 200 or so damage to the tower and kill all the . One shots Archers, , and EVEN Princesses!

Now, after ranting about how the is far too powerful, let me talk about the strategy. First, let’s talk about the golden rules of the .

Golden Rule #1: NEVER SEND THE BY ITSELF. I have seen this many times from several people, new players and even professionals. The is not known as a tank. Sure, it has a decent amount of HP, but glass cannons like and will shred it. You want to use a tank such as , or , but never send it by itself or you may just be throwing away 5 .

Golden Rule #2: Never use the to try to beat the enemy player’s push. Sure, it does quite a lot of damage, but it is very slow and is countered easily by almost everything that targets air. In this meta, and Hog Riders are the main part of it. They are much more faster and stronger at taking the tower out then the . The is used to deal waves of damage and slowly killing the enemy tower, while and Hog Riders are used for 500+ chip damage. You really don’t use the as chip damage.

Golden rule #3: Always have a spell prepared. When the flies towards the enemy tower, they will almost always send out a defense troop, like + ranged troop, , , , or a . When they do that, you want to have a or spell ready to take them out.

Now those were the three golden rules. Now time to go in more in depth strategy.

What is the best card to use with balloon?

Well, is great with almost every tank. Here’s the list of them from 1-3.

  1. : This card is simply the best card to pair with because they are both air and the can’t slip away from the as easier. Also can take out a tower and a King tower with the ’s high HP and the ’s ridiculous DPS.
  2. : used to be in this spot, but this card is much cheaper and helps get rid of some of ’s enemies. The is a 2 card that is one of the best right now. See more about it at here. It is a very versatile cheap push that can take a tower. One of the best options at the moment!
  3. : Though the ages of are over, the ’s popular is now renewed due to the buff and buff. He is a very powerful tank who does a ridiculous amount of damage per punch, about 200. He shreds thru buildings and holds his ground against Furnaces, Cannons, Teslas. The turns him into paper, that’s why there’s the to support him to destroy the , though you may want to carry zap or .

Those are the best tanks/mini tanks to pair the with!

These cards are also decent to pair the Balloon:

  • : He deals well with ground troops and has a good amount of health to tank tower hits.
  • : Not a bad mini tank, not much health but will clear out those . Watch out for Mega and Inferno Towers though!
  • : In my opinion, too expensive and not worth enough because the will sometimes fly past the and be quickly killed by a few . But a decent choice.
  • : Okay with , clears out the Musketeers, Wizards, and Archers that are firing at the and has a decent amount of health.
  • : Interesting and fun, with his rocks pushing away the ground troops that are targeting your . Unfortunately, his health is a little bit on the low side.
  • Bad Mini tanks to pair with:
  • : He doesn’t soak up the damage and the ’s going to most likely be destroyed by a horde of or a .
  • : Runs way to quickly, dies, then the gets popped by a few trolls.
  • : They’re already good by themselves. If your running elite barbs in a deck, don’t run .

Best Non-Tank Cards to Pair with Balloon

  1. : The spell, after getting nerfed a huge amount, may have just rose back to power after the got buffed. It makes the have a very high chance to get one hit off. You may think that’s crappy, but it’s actually pretty good because the opponent’s going to send something to kill the , or else it’s a free tower, so the ’s bomb will clear out most of the little troops and deals 700-800 damage to the enemy tower.
  2. : A fun card to play with, he cuts down troops from the ground level, and when he dies, his spell speeds up the making it quite easy to get a hit off. Also, make sure to bring for that .
  3.  This lady protects the from many troops except the , sniping the , Spear , and to save the from harm. Though watch out for or .
  4.  The is a sort of escort for the , helping the survive by one hit killing enemy , Archers, and Spear . Though watch out for and .
  5. : This one is one of my favorites. For a deal of one , you can save your from certain death. It can shut down an , let your deal a extra hit onto the enemy tower, or damage some so your Zap or can finish them off. A extremely powerful card before nerfed, but still a staple in the meta. 1 for a card that can make your much more deadly.

And also, , Zap, and are amazing with . You shouldn’t have to be explained why they are good.

Decent to use Balloons with:

  • Spell: Makes your push with the go faster and destroy enemies quicker.
  • : A bit expensive, but okay if it’s high level. I really hate though, lol.
  • : His bomb clears everything, and the deals damage. A good strategy for low level players.

Final Tips:

can bypass buildings in the middle if you put it on the very edge of the Arena. A handy and neat trick to not run into a or a !

Always check to see how much death damage your does, so if you need to you can use it to kill a very low HP enemy tower.