Best Tips for King’s Cup Challenge

Best Tips for King’s Cup Challenge

Tips and Tricks By Clash Royal 2017-10-31 09:13:39

“Viva La Sparky” Deck

By Clash With Ash and Surgical Goblin

This deck is an almost purely offensive deck that leans a lot on Sparky for defense.

The only air defense being Mega Minion means you must never cycle your Mega Minion. Always keep it on defense especially if you have to save him for specific cards regardless of any situation!

Your typical pushes should be Ice Golem + Goblin Barrel and Ice Golem + Hog.

Early game, I recommend playing it like a bait deck so you don’t give the opponents too much value like against Mega Knight or Pump Decks. Always in the first few cycles, play your Goblin Barrel in the non-Tornadoable spot until they start predicting right, then change up placement, mix them up!

If you have survived Goblins after a defense, play them with a deep Barrel so the opponent’s Log couldn’t get both.the gobs, not your Barrel etc.

Sparky is your MVP on defense! Ice Golem should be used to tank for the Sparky while she melts away the push in a sense. Try to keep her alive for a threatening counter push!

Depending on the match-up, this should be either a bait deck or a Hog deck.

Tower Tornadoes Deck

By Clash With Cam and CMcHUGH

This deck is slightly a meta deck, with the defensive core of a Tombstone, Ice Wizard, Mega Minion and Tornado.

Tombstone is just so important in this deck! Use it vs Hog, Furnace, Mega Knight. Each matchup will need a different placement.

Utilize your Tornado wisely! Unlike Exenado, Ice Wiz + Tonado combo lacks that DPS and splash so you will want to pair him up with Skeletons or Mega Minion, etc to deal with high HP units.

Rocket nado is also really fun and deadly! You want to ideally Rocket first and make sure you can Tornado right afterwards.

Always Rocket the opponent’s Elixir Collector, and also their Sparky if they play behind the Tower.

Try to use your Hog more conservatively if you are facing like a Mega Knight deck as well! Don’t ever use a Hog on say a counter when you are down Elixir and will be broke right afterwards for an example.

With this deck, one last tip is don’t give Poison value!

“Vitamin C” Deck

By Orange Juice Gaming and TMD Aaron

To be honest, this deck is very tough to play vs others.

You should play Cannon Cart and Three Musketeers on defense most of the times!

Try to make sure you aren’t facing Rocket, then start with cycling 3M in the back, splitting lanes. with 2M on the side of the Tower with more HP!

Once you hit 2x Elixir, you can split Three Musketeers in center of the arena to avoid any Tower damage!

Keep up the pressure, getting good Miner plays and chip their Tower to death.

This deck is hard-countered by the Mega Knight Poison deck so try to get as much damage as you can at the early game.

Don’t give Poison value and destroy their Elixir Collectors.

“The Ultra Nytes” Deck

By Nickatnyte and Nemsensei

Make sure you know what you are playing against. This deck will give you lots of easy wins vs 3M but also lots of easy losses against P.E.K.K.A Poison.

Pump up and protect the Pumps, which can be hard against Poison but try to maximize on the fact that they Poison on offence!

If you are pushing with Mega Knight, you always want to use Night Witch with him so she can DPS down whatever is around.

Mega Minion is the 2nd priority and the next is Baby Dragon.

This deck with Mega Knight can do well vs the bait deck due to the limited ways to deal with the Night Witch and lots of air cards like Mega Minion, Baby Dragon.

This is a similar issue with Hog Sparky, try to make most of the fact that some decks dont have a lot of air defense.

“Sparky Masters” Deck


Play this deck like with normal P.E.K.K.A Miner deck! The only difference being be mindful for spells (Rocket for example).

Utilize your Sparky and P.E.K.K.A on defense. Getting valuable Poisons. Not overcommiting early on is key! Just play defensively.

Having Sparky, Bats and Goblin Gang adds a sort of bait-ish element to it. Take note at this!

Because you have Gang and Bats, your opponent will most likely use spell on offence, especially when you play a defensive Sparky and they don’t want her to take a shot off. This is a double-edged sword because their troops could do more damage, but now you will be free to drop your troops after baiting that card out.

After that, try to couple maybe Goblins+ Bats or Gang to punish their mistake on using spell on offense.

Like all bait control decks, capitalize on mistakes.

“Misplaced Rockets” Deck

By Chief Pat and OXALATE

This deck is pretty fun to play with. It is a throwback to the old original bait deck that came with the nerf of Zap.

Flying machine is the only air defensive card in this deck, making him very important.

In 1v1 situations, Flying Machine dies pretty fast so you need to make sure that the Flying Machine will not die first. Or better, use a troop to tank for it.

Bowler is great vs Hog Rider so I wouldn’t use a Furnace vs Hog unless it’s emergency. Use Bowler then use the Goblin Barrel on the counterpush.

Once the Tower HP is around 1000, use the last few seconds to Mirror Rocket!

“Salty Goblins” Deck


Really strong deck but not that strong vs Hog decks!

Always try to use the Cannon Cart vs Hog Rider. Then, play Miner on the counterpush with the Cannon Cart tanking hits. Once locked onto the tower, Cannon Cart can deal massive damage, dealing 203 damage per hit.

Do not rush with Cannon Cart if you are facing a deck with say Mega Knight or P.E.K.K.A. However, rushing against Mini P.E.K.K.A decks are fine, because you can defend a Mini P.E.K.K.A far easier!

Keep that in mind and don’t over commit.

Inferno Dragon is also key! You want to use him on the opponent’s tanks, or even locking on their Hogs. Be mindful of Zap tho!

This deck has a bait element. You can pair up Inferno Dragon with Spear Gobs and Miner for a deadly counterpush!

Like typical Miner Poison decks, once you reached 2x elixir, just keep cycling valuable Miner + Poison pushes to take down their towers.

Meta Mauler

By Molt & TMD YaoYao

This deck is a bit funky! You have both Mini P.E.K.K.A and Lumberjack. And this is both good and bad!

You can use the Lumberjack as a purely suicidal card in front of the the Hog. You always have the Mini P.E.K.K.A on defense.

Lumberjack + Hog Rider is your go-to push.

With Fireball and Zap, the 3 Musketeers deck isn’t an issue, Guards are amazing vs P.E.K.K.A. Mini P.E.K.K.A can shut down Hog, Mega Knight etc with ease.

Save guards exclusively for defense! Guards well pretty well against Goblin Barrel for an example!

With Fireball, you can also spell cycle near the end.

During x2 Elixir, Lumberjack+ Hog Rider + Spell will be your ideal push!

Make the most of that Rage if possible and you should be fine playing the deck.

Bonus – King’s Cup Challenge CheatSheet

Shared by Machine2024.

What is the King’s Cup Challenge?

The King’s Cup Challenge is a special challenge. You can join and play the King’s Cup Challenge right in your Clash Royale app!

This is not to be confused with the King’s Cup Tournament being played by the pro players and Youtubers on October 28th.


The Challenge lasts for 5 days, October 25-29. Yes, 5 days. For those of you who can’t count… I just don’t know what to say.

Anyway, it will go on through the end of the King’s Cup Tournament, which also ends on Oct 29th.

Breakdown of the Challenge:

The Challenge, unlike most, will be broken down into three different sub-Challenges.

  1. King’s Cup Challenge Daily Practice
  2. King’s Cup Challenge
  3. King’s Cup Elite Challenge.

These three sub-challenges will follow each other in an ordered sequence. This is also the first challenge that follows each other based on completion.

The Daily Practice MUST be completed in order to move on to the King’s Cup Challenge, and the King’s Cup Elite Challenge can ONLY be unlocked after you finish the King’s Cup Challenge. All of them have free entries, so no worries about a one or nothing kind of deal.

King’s Cup Daily Practice:

The Daily Practice, such as other Daily Practices, will require crowns, not wins, in order to complete, with a total of 10 crowns to move on

You have to complete this to get to King’s Cup Challenge.

Final Reward: 5 Gems

King’s Cup Challenge:

This Challenge is the kind that we are used to. It has the old stuff, the wins, the losses. The King’s Cup Challenge requires 6 wins in order to move on to the next round, the Elite Challenge.

As usual, 3 losses, you are out.

Final Reward: 2000 coins.

King’s Cup Elite Challenge:

The King’s Cup Elite Challenge is the final stage of the King’s Cup Challenge.

This is now a 9-win challenge, and of course, you have to complete the King’s Cup Challenge before it. 3 losses and you are out.

It has a free entry so no worries about the all or nothing thing.

Final Reward: Legendary Chest (Yippee)

How does the Challenge work?

Players will be given a random deck from Supercell’s database.

All the possible decks will be made by Youtubers and pros and will be the ONLY ones that you can use.

Here are all of them:

“Viva La Sparky” Deck

By Clash With Ash and Surgical Goblin

Tower Tornadoes Deck

By Clash With Cam and CMcHUGH

“Vitamin C” Deck

By Orange Juice Gaming and TMD Aaron

“The Ultra Nytes” Deck

By Nickatnyte and Nemsensei

“Sparky Masters” Deck


“Misplaced Rockets” Deck

By Chief Pat and OXALATE

“Salty Goblins” Deck


Meta Mauler

By Molt & TMD YaoYao

Those decks are pretty awesome, wouldn’t you admit?

Anyway, those are the decks that will be given randomly to players during the King’s Cup Challenge. Make sure you understand them and get the swing of them, otherwise you WILL find yourself struggling to understand the mechanics of each deck.

Remember, your opponent’s cards WILL be one of these above, so anticipate all of them!

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