Play Clash Royale Without Spending Any Money

Play Clash Royale Without Spending Any Money

Tips and Tricks By Clash Royal 2016-02-04 23:03:20

A lot of people are bagging on Clash Royale saying that it is pay to win, but that’s not necessarily true, you don’t actually need to spend any money to be dangerous in the game. In fact, we postulate that not spending money actually makes you a better overall player!

Of course, there’s always going to be some professional gamer from China who pours hundreds or thousands of dollars into the game to get the most powerful and rarest items, but we’re not trying to compete with them (and really… why would you want to?) We just want to have a good time and be competitive with others in a more… reasonable manner. So, here’s a guide to playing Clash Royale without spending any real money at all.

Better Know Your In-Game Currency

There are two kinds of currencies- and . is used to upgrade your units, pay for new matches, and also buy the occasional card outright when it comes up on sale each day. are used to open early, buy more , and also (and this is key) buy more .

Three tips here to get the most out of your deck and the game without spending hard currency:

  1. Save your !
  2. Only use your to buy more !
  3. Join a clan!

That’s it really. Let’s break it down:

1. Save Your Gold

Early on in the game you will be tempted to upgrade every card you get as soon as you can. Resist that urge. Save your , and only upgrade the you absolutely have to. Every day, a new Epic card comes on sale for 2000 , a rare card for 40 , and a common card for 5 . While you may get the you want from random chest drops, it’s always nice to have 2000 in reserve to buy that Epic card you’ve been waiting for.

Trust me, you’ll be glad you didn’t waste the on upgrading all those unused units when a or XBow comes up for grabs in the market.

2. Only Buy Gold With Gems

Have patience with your chest timers as they cook away, and resist the urge to speed up their unlocks with more . If you aren’t going to spend money, you must learn and practice patience young padawan. What we do recommend spending your on is more . For 60 you can get 1000 , which is half of 2000, which is what you need to buy that specific epic card you really want. Everything else is for schmucks and fancy pants.

3. Join A Clan

Joining a clan at level 3 rewards you with a HUGE bonus of as an accomplishment (see rule 2 once you get those ). Plus, once you join a clan you can request from your clan mates and get donations. You can also donate to your clan mates which, by the way, nets you more as a bonus. Plus it’s a whole lot more fun playing with friends and clan mates.

Players Who Don’t Spend Money Make Better Players

Playing Clash Royale without spending money means it will take more time in general to level up your deck and find all the you need. But don’t fret, this means you will have to make due with the you have and learn well rounded strategies and techniques with them to beat your foes. You won’t rely on having any specific Epic card, and will devise clever tactics for overcoming other player’s more powerful .

Remember- spending money in game does not necessarily make you a good player. However, not spending money in game will make you a scrappier player who can think creatively and deal with many different scenerios. As strategies come into favor by the more rich players, you will be ready to respond with your own scrappy strategies to fend them off and blow them out of the water. In short, players who don’t spend money on Clash Royale have the potential to be the best players in the game.

So hang in there, be patient, don’t waste your or , and we will see you on the battle field! And who knows, maybe the random will be kind to you and give you just what you want.