Balance Changes in Context (1/11 Update)

Balance Changes in Context (1/11 Update)

News By Clash Royal 2016-01-12 22:30:57

: Health decreased by 4%

Since the unlocks early in the game, moves fast, and can take out a tower on his own – when left unchecked – he felt especially unfair for newcomers and low-level players. This nerf to the ’s health should help level the playing field!

: Goblin level decreased by 1

The was (and still is) one of the best offensive in the game. It was challenging to counter properly without losing a bunch of tower health, short of using or a . Now players should have a couple more options to counter these weaker .

: Skeleton level decreased by 1

Based on the usage statistics, the looked a bit overpowered, so we dropped her by one level. Their level was also decreased for consistency. For example, an epic level 1 spawns level 5 common and an epic level 1 spawns level 5 common . This will be the rule of thumb from now on for epic that spawn common troops.

: Lifetime decreased to 40 seconds

The total damage done by the was way, way too high! It was even higher than the , so we felt this change was needed.

XP required to get from level 8 to 9 increased by 25%

Our aim is that the common and the King’s Tower should upgrade at roughly the same speed. Players were getting to XP level 9 much faster than they were upgrading their common to the same level. As a result, Crown Towers were too strong for some of the they were facing.

One new replay is published to every hour

When we published two replays, we noticed the top one was getting a lot more attention. By releasing one replay, we can treat each published replay more equally. In addition, this way we’ll be publishing new replays to Royale TV more often!