New Balance Live!

New Balance Live!

News By Clash Royal 2016-10-20 10:20:19

The way we approach card balance in Clash Royale is a combination of playtesting and looking at the stats – in particular, card use rates and win rates. You can expect monthly balance changes to keep gameplay fine tuned and as fun as possible.

In this round of balance changes we’re taking a look at a popular combo: + (aka, “Goison”), making a significant change to the and more!

: Hitpoints decreased by 5%

  • Our previous change didn’t pull enough power from him, especially from where it matters, so this additional tweak (in conjunction with the change below) should put him in a better place overall. The change is relatively small because our aim is to reducethe strength of + , but not remove it as a viable combo.

: No longer slows movement and attack speed

  • Thematically ’s “thing” is damage over time, so we questioned whether it also needs to slow? Answer: no. This change will make ’s functionality clearer and reduce its ability to control an area for 10 seconds.

: cost increased to 6 (from 5), gain increased to 8 (from 7), Lifetime increased by 10sec

  • remains one of the most popular in the game – offering a good return on a small-ish risk. Increasing the cost by 1 will make it a bigger risk to play and give more opportunity to counterplay against it.

: Rolls faster and further, Damage increased by 9%

  • has yet to find its place or purpose within the Arena, but this change will at least make it more impactful and easier to play while it continues the search.

: cost decreased to 3 (from 4), Skeleton count decreased to 16 (from 21), Skeleton level increased by 5

  • In the early game, is a terror, but as more area damage come into play, its usefulness falls off. A cheaper cost and fewer, but stronger, should address some of its weaknesses – and hopefully make it a terror once again!

: Death Damage also damages flying troops

  • Bug fix.

: Death Damage also damages flying troops

  • For consistency with ’s Death Damage.