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  • Clan Battles are events that happen every other weekend, alternating with Clan Chest events.
  • To join a clan battle, you will send a request similar to a Friendly Battle and will then be matched up against another clan’s team.


  • Clan Battles are battles between two teams of two players with each pair coming from the same Clan. All four players play simultaneously in one arena, and each team attempts to win more Crowns than the opposing team to win the match.
  • In Clan Battle, the King’s Tower has two cannons, is wider, has 2 Kings, has your Clan Badge on it, and it has about 20% more health than a level 9 King’s Tower. The two cannons each deal the same amount of damage as a regular King’s Tower. The Princess Towers remain unchanged.
  • Both players use separate decks while elixir generation is slowed to 85% of normal (roughly 1 Elixir every 3.3 seconds). During Overtime, elixir generation is decreased to 70% of the normal double elixir (or 1 Elixir every 2 seconds).
  • Like in a Friendly Battle, The Princess Towers and all Cards are leveled up/down to Tournament Standard Levels, and overtime lasts up to 3 minutes.
  • At the beginning of the battle, players can briefly see their teammates’ deck, and during the battle they can see the teammates’ current cards in hand by tapping on the teammates’ name. They will also see where their teammates are hovering their cards in-game. Because of this, it’s beneficial to deploy cards by dragging rather than tapping.
  • Every win your clan receives will award a Clan Battle Win to your Clan Battle Chest. This is similar to Clan Chest however based on Clan Battle wins.
  • The Arena setting of Clan Battles are always at the Royal Arena (Arena 7), probably because this Arena has wider bridges for the larger amount of troops to pass.
  • All spells affect both players of a team. For example, a friendly Rage or Healwould enrage or heal all friendly troops within radius, including a teammate’s. Similarly, an opposing Freeze or damaging spell would freeze or damage both your and your teammate’s troops. However, Elixir Collectors only generate elixir for whoever played it.
  • The arena space behind both King’s Towers are expanded, to have more space for deploying troops. However, there is less space between the sides of the King’s Towers and the edges of the Arena.
  • The person who sends the Clan Battle will be on the right while the person who clicks on the Clan Battle will be on the left.

Clan Battle Chest

  • The Clan Battle Chest is a type of chest belonging to a clan. It is similar to a Clan Chest in the sense that clanmates will need to co-operate in order to open it, and having equal rewards at the same tier.
  • Starting every other Friday, all players in a Clan at the time will have the opportunity to gather Clan Battle wins for the Clan Battle Chest.
  • The players will be able to gather Clan Battle wins for three days and attempt to gather as many wins as possible in order to maximize the rewards for the Clan Battle Chest.
  • Once the players have gathered enough Clan Battle wins for the maximum reward, or the three-day Clan Battle Chest Event has elapsed, the Clan Battle Chest will be available for opening. The amount of Gold and cards offered do not differ between players, but its contents will differ depending on the Arena the player is in. For example, a player in Arena 7 will not be able to obtain cards from Arena 8 through the Clan Battle Chest.
  • The total number of wins is tallied in the Chest tab of the Clan info screen. There, players are ranked based on the number of wins the player has contributed to. For this purpose, a Clan Battle win is shared between the two winning clanmates so each win will award both winning players with half a win each.
  • To earn the rewards from the Clan Battle Chest, a player must remain in the Clan for the duration of the three days and contribute at least half a win to the Chest. A player that has just joined the Clan must wait until the next Clan Battle Chest is available, regardless of any previous contributions.
  • If a Clan has earned the maximum reward, players can still play the Clan Battle mode but without further rewards. However, players with zero contribution are still ineligible for the Clan Battle Chest even if they win after that.

  • The n-th tier of Clan Battle Chest requires  wins total and rewards  Gold and  cards.

Twin King’s Tower

Hit Speed
1 sec x2 7 Air & Ground 4,810 83

Clan Battle Chest

Chest Tier Clan Battle Wins Required Total Prize Guaranteed Cards
Increase from Previous Tier Cumulative Total Gold Cards
1 5 5 108 18 1 Rare
2 10 15 228 38 3 Rares
3 15 30 360 60 6 Rares
4 20 50 504 84 8 Rares
5 25 75 660 110 11 Rares + 1 Epic
6 30 105 828 138 13 Rares + 1 Epic
7 35 140 1,008 168 16 Rares + 1 Epic
8 40 180 1,200 200 20 Rares + 2 Epics
9 45 225 1,404 234 23 Rares + 2 Epics
10 50 275 1,620 270 27 Rares + 2 Epics
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Clan Battles are events that happen every other weekend, alternating with Clan Chest events.
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