5 Clash Royale Strategy tips for beginners!

5 Clash Royale Strategy tips for beginners!

Tips and Tricks By Clash Royal 2016-01-25 18:21:34

1. Staying on top of trending strategies at Royale TV

is an important section of Clash Royale, basically you get to watch replays of top global players battle it out with each other. The importance of watching replays is understanding what works, and what doesn’t! It’s also great to be the observer rather than playing it live action and experimenting.

And of course, since these are high-level players you’d probably won’t have access to they have, but it’s more of how they play their , where they place them, and what they have in their deck – for future references.

2. If you have a weak starting hand, be the person who starts second

Ash explains that if you start off with a weak hand which may be lower troop (, , archers etc) stick to defence until your higher level are in your hands. The reason for this is so that way you can see which tower/side your opponent is targeting for. Which in-case you’ll mount a strong defensive resistance, turning that into your offensive play.

3. Be efficient with your elixir

The purpose of being efficient with your is to manage your troop summons. You don’t want to send too much troops or too few troops, for example – if your opponent’s tower health is 3/4 gone, you wouldn’t use (which cost 5 ) to destroy it when you have a in play. In contrast, if the opponent’s tower has full health, then sending out to help would be viable.

4. Even if you’re winning by 1, going offensive can be good

So by now your opponent know’s which side you’ll be going for when it comes to offensive, and is ready to send out 95% of their troops to that side to compensate for the destroyed tower. This is where you can go offensive and attack the other side with two of your strongest troops, while going on the defensive protecting your tower.

5. Build a well-balanced deck and then tweak from there!

Last but not least, building a well-balanced deck. The purpose of building a well-balanced deck is to get a feel of what work great with each other. It is recommended that you switch no more than 1-2 at a time, when optimising your battle deck.